Torquil Fitch

Scotsman and fine furniture maker Torquil Fitch migrated to Australia from Edinburgh in 2010, and lives with his wife and their three young children in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. Shortly after arriving in Australia, Torquil set out to fulfil a lifelong dream to become a fine furniture designer and maker. He sought out the acclaimed School For Wood at the Sturt Australian Contemporary Craft and Design Centre in Mittagong. He graduated in December 2011 after successfully completing his Certificate IV in Fine Furniture Design and Manufacture. Other Sturt alumni include acclaimed furniture designer Ian Factor, who Torquil now shares a workshop with in the town of Moss Vale. It is here Torquil designs and creates pieces for his eponymously named, Fitch Fine Furniture.

Torquil's love of furniture making and design was inspired by his childhood in Perthshire, Scotland. He grew up surrounded by elegant furniture from the Georgian period, and continues to find inspiration in the symmetry and proportion of furniture from that age.

Widely travelled, Torquil spent many years in the past working in Turkey, Italy and France, as a professional crew on luxury motor and sailing yachts. The graceful lines and angles of his bespoke furniture often harks back to these days.

Whether it is the memory of sweeping industrial curves found aboard 50 metre super yachts, or the graceful arches once observed on ancient spiritual shrines, Torquil finds inspiration for Fitch Fine Furniture in the worlds he has visited, and the world he inhabits today.

'I set out to create pieces that are highly functional, stylish and contemporary. To me a piece of furniture should not  just be an object….. it should be a thing of beauty, which will withstand the demands of a time, and will grow old with you and your family. When I design and create furniture, I do so with the intention of it becoming part of your family's story, your own personal provenance. To me creating a piece of furniture by hand is about creating a legacy for your future generations.'

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