Fitch Philosophy


In today's throw away society, I believe furniture, which is designed and hand created from a piece of wood, is a sustainable heirloom to be treasured.

For me making a piece of fine furniture starts with selecting a magnificent piece of timber. I like to know the provenance of my wood, whether it is a solid piece of timber or a beautiful veneer. Wherever possible I choose wood that is certified as sustainably forested by the Forestry Stewardship Council.

Most of the furniture I make starts off as large, roughly sawn, and very dusty slabs of wood, and it is almost impossible to see what may lurk beneath the rough exterior. But bit by bit with many hours of work and care , the piece of furniture I have in mind begins to emerge from the wood and takes on a life of its own. I always find it amazing to look at an antique piece of furniture that is hundreds of years old. It's longevity is a true indication of the skill, expertise and love it was created with. My philosophy is to design and create furniture that is beautiful and sustainable and will truly become part of the your family’s provenance.


Table by Fitch Furniture

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